Allowing you to pre-arrange your funeral in advance is one of the many services offered by Barclay Funeral Home. It allows you to select for yourself exactly what services and funeral merchandise you feel is appropriate for you. This offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes will be carried out in addition to relieving your family from the responsibility of making the decisions at the time of your death.

Pre-arranging your funeral can be done through one or more of the four steps. The first step would be to call us or stop in to ask any questions you may have about funerals or pre-arranging your funeral. The second step is to provide us the information we need about you for our permanent files. This can be accomplished through our secure online application or by stopping in at our funeral home. The third step involves the selection of any funeral or cremation services and merchandise that meet your specific wishes. The final step of the pre-arrangement process allows you to pre-pay for the service and merchandise you select which locks in the costs at the current prices. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. It is just one of the many services we offer to you.

What is a Pre-Arranged Funeral?
What Are The Advantages?
Who Should Pre-Arrange a Funeral
Why Prearrange a Funeral
How is a Funeral Prearranged
Can They Be Paid For in Advance


Making funeral arrangements prior to death is what's referred to as a pre-arranged funeral.


A part of wise estate planning should include a prearranged funeral. By discussing your prearranged funeral with Barclay Funeral Home, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions, and to ensure that you are aware of the costs, and all the services are performed with your funeral.


Quite simply, everyone should think about prearranging a funeral, regardless of age or circumstance.


Planning for a funeral now will save your family members the responsibility later.


First, contact Barclay Funeral Home to make an appointment with one of our funeral directors. We will discuss your wishes in an open and relaxed environment. You will be explained of the services, merchandise, costs and provision of statistical information. You will also have the opportunity to discuss details such as who will perform the service, the music that will be played, any special instructions for the disposition of the body and so forth.

It is recommended that you also discuss the type of arrangements you want with your executor, family, friends and clergy.

Statistical Information to Provide to Your Funeral Director - 
Your funeral director will require the following information about the person whose funeral is being arranged:

  • name, address, birth date and birth place
  • social insurance number
  • the full name of the husband or maiden name of the wife, even if widowed or divorced
  • most recent occupation - father's name and birth place, mother's maiden name and birth place
  • name and address of executor, legal representative and next-of-kin
  • family members

Yes. You are not obligated to prepay when arranging funeral services, but you may wish to consider doing so. The Funeral Directors' and Establishments Act requires the funeral director to deposit any pre-paid funds in a trust account with a bank, trust company, credit union or an insurance company until the services are required.

At your request the prepaid funeral funds can be withdrawn and returned to you along with any accrued interest. By doing so, the funds are subject to an administrative fee as prescribed by law. Prepaid funds are protected by a Compensation Fund by all funeral homes and administered by the Board of Funeral Services, the regulatory body in the Province of Ontario.

For further information on pre-planning funeral services and the options available please contact Barclay Funeral Home at  (613) 342-2792(613) 342-2792.

* With thanks to The Ontario Funeral Service Association for kindly providing some of the content on this page.