QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about Funeral Services

Q: "Should we have a funeral service?"

A: It is encouraged that if a person is of a specific faith, that they contact their minister as soon as possible after the death. While clergy have been trained to assist in this area, a family member or close friend may lead in the service or assist by giving a family tribute. The service might be composed of a message by a close friend, family reminiscences, the deceased's favourite music, poetry or readings. It is worth bearing in mind that while having a family member lead the service may offer comfort to the other members of the family, it may also place a heavy burden on the person leading the service. Consider the options carefully and discuss them with your funeral director. Here again your funeral director will be able to suggest someone in the community to consider and assist you with this type of service.

Q: "How do I get the death notice into the newspaper?"

A: Your funeral director has a great deal of experience in making these arrangements. With your help they can and will compose a notice for both local and out-of-town newspapers using information the family provide. If some special wording or a photo is to be used or if some of the information is private, please make the funeral director aware of this at the earliest opportunity.

Q: "What if we need a cemetery plot?"

A: If you do not own cemetery property, your funeral director can give you the information about area cemeteries and tell you the various bylaws governing each one. They can also provide cost comparisons. At this time, if you haven't already, you will decided whether you will want earth burial or cremation, and the funeral home staff will proceed accordingly.

Q: "Is Cremation less expensive?"

A: Cremation is often considered to be an inexpensive, less complicated substitute of the "traditional" funeral. Many people believe that at the time of death two basic choices exist: immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral including viewing, followed by burial.

Cremation and burial are both defined as "modes of disposition," methods of caring of the deceased and, as such, are just one part of the funeral services. As times change, trends change too. Today, many opportunities exist for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends - both before and after cremation takes place. Cremation and its many "Options" may reduce the cost over traditional funerals that require earth burial. These charges will vary in accordance with each person's or family's desires. Your funeral director can offer current information on cremation costs and will, at the time of arrangement, provide a complete listing of charges for the services you select.

Q: "Why should I Plan a Funeral in Advance?"

A: Preplanning helps to protect your loved ones from future uncertainty and avoids the stress of facing unfamiliar choices at an emotionally difficult time. Most people have little idea of what is involved, what the costs are and, most importantly, what final arrangements would be desired. It allows one to make their own choices, while keeping costs as low as possible. You may actually prepay your funeral and Guarantee the future increases of costs due to inflation. Preplanning enables the person to resolve one of life's most important and inevitable details in an intelligent, efficient manner. It is the greatest gift that you will give to your family.

Q: "What if a death occurs while I am away from home?"

A: As the world becomes smaller, many family members are widely separated throughout the country. Increased travel and retirement to warmer climates often necessitate funeral arrangements being made where transportation of the deceased through international borders and different legal jurisdictions becomes necessary. Remember to contact your local Funeral Home first. We access a world wide network of funeral homes and are experienced in making complete arrangements for the return of a loved one from any where in the world.

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