Our History

The Barclay Family has been providing funeral services to citizens of Brockville since 1980 and 1990 in Lansdowne. Following is a brief history of the Barclay family's involvement in the industry and a timeline showing how the funeral home came to be.

1938 - Charles and Rachel Johnston purchase 68 King St. East in Brockville and convert it to the C.E. Johnston Funeral Home

1950 - Sons Bob and Ernie Johnston continue business after the death of Charles Johnston

1957 - Ernie Johnston dies

1959 - James Barclay joins staff of Hulse and Playfair Funeral Home in Ottawa

1962 - James Barclay receives Funeral Directors Licence

1963 - James and Doreen are married

1964 - James Barclay joins staff of Paul Funeral in Brockville. Later that year he accepts employment at Dupont in Maitland

1972 - George Judson buys Johnston business and re-names it the Johnston-Judson Funeral Home. James Barclay joins staff of Judson Funeral Home in Athens and Brockville

1977 - Bob Johnston dies

1980 - James and Doreen Barclay purchase the Johnston-Judson Funeral Home from George Judson and re-names it the Johnston-Barclay Funeral Home

1982 - Bruce Davy joins Johnston-Barclay Funeral Home after fire destroys the Davy Funeral Home

1983 - Barb Allan joins the staff of the Johnston-Barclay funeral home

1988 - Mike Riopelle joins the staff

1990 - Todd Barclay receives Funeral Directors Licence

1990 - Barclay Funeral Home purchases and re-names the Mumford Funeral Home in Lansdowne

1999 - Bill Barclay receives Funeral Directors Licence

1999 - Demolition begins and construction commences at 137 Pearl St. East of the new Barclay Funeral Home

2001 - Grand opening of Barclay Funeral Home at new location

2003 - Barclay Funeral Home purchases former St. Lawrence Community Church for future expansion of Lansdowne Funeral Home

2006 - Opening of new Funeral Home at 1033 Prince St. in Lansdowne, Ontario

2012 - Doug Radford joins the staff 

2016- Barclay Funeral Home partners with Scotland Funeral Home and Tompkins Funeral Home to open Gananoque Cremation Services Inc, their own crematorium

2018-  Mike Riopelle rejoins the staff of BFH after a 28 year career with the Brockville Police Service

2018- Tori Barclay receives her Funeral Directors Licence becoming the third generation of Funeral Director's in the family