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There are many arrangements that are supervised by a Licensed Funeral Director after a death occurs. Many phases of our work are apparent, others are not. The following information will explain what is involved. Traditions, customs, social standing, personal feeling, financial ability and a multitude of other influences are all taken into consideration with the planning of each funeral. Our services conform to each individual family's wishes and their personal and religious needs.

Service Plans and Options
Professional & Personal Services
Use of Facilities & Equipment
Transportation Needs

Service Plans & Options

The Barclay Funeral Home has been serving the area since 1980. As we work together to design funeral or cremation services, we are committed to meeting your needs and personal preferences. 

Our experience has shown us that the majority of families select one of the following services, each of which can be personalized to meet your needs and wishes.

Traditional Funeral (Burial/Cremation)

Personal and Professional services include: Funeral Director's services, staff and assistants, embalmer or alternate care, documentation, basic use of facilities, visitation suite and lounge, day of funeral church/chapel, preparation/alternate care facilities, local transfer of beneficiary to funeral home, administration vehicle, funeral coach, family vehicle.

Alternative Funeral (Burial/Cremation)

Similar to the Traditional service option but with reduced involvement from staff and assistants and a change in the use of the visitation suite and lounge.

Memorial Service

As listed above in the Alternative service option without embalmer or alternate care and visitation suite. (a funeral coach and family vehicle may be used).

Direct Cremation

As listed above in the Alternative service option with reduced charge on funeral director's services and without staff and assistants, embalmer or alternate care, visitation suite, day of funeral church/chapel, funeral coach and family vehicle.

For pricing on the above service plans and options please contact Barclay Funeral Home at  (613) 342-2792.


Cremation is chosen for a variety of reasons. Some people choose this option based on environmental considerations, or philosophical or religious reasons. In addition to the reasons listed above, this service is also chosen as it is viewed as being lower maintenance and less complicated in comparison to other services. Whatever the reason may be, Barclay Funeral Home is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding cremation.

There are many options available with cremation. Many families hold a service, which helps the bereaved cope with the loss of a family member or loved one. Opting for cremation gives them the opportunity to personalize the various service options for a more meaningful experience.

The greatest misunderstanding about cremation is that there is no need for a funeral service. However, a memorial ceremony is an important step in helping the bereaved overcome their grief and gives the opportunity for friends and family to honour a loved one.

Ceremonies can proceed or follow the actual cremation. Before the cremation, there may be a gathering, which can either be public or private, with an open or closed casket. When services follow the cremation, an urn containing the cremated remains may take a place of prominence. After the ceremony, the final disposition of the cremated remains takes place.

For further information on cremation and the options available please contact or visit Barclay Funeral Home.

Professional & Personal Services

Funeral Director's Professional Services: Personal consultation with the family and supervision of all arrangements pertaining to the funeral service - i.e. clergy, cemetery and crematorium previous to, during and after the service.

Staff and Assistance

This service includes, but is not limited to, staff during the visitation, receiving and placement of the floral tributes, co-ordination of donations, and other duties associated with the rites and services during visitation.

This service may also include staff and aids during the funeral service, cleaning and maintenance of the premise and grounds, clerical and accounting staff, chauffeurs, parking lot attendants, 24 hour telephone coverage, etc.

Embalmer or Alternate Care

These charges are for the trained technician responsible for the embalming of the beneficiary. Embalming is only required by law under certain circumstances. It is the temporary disinfection, preservation, and restoration of the body and is a suggested service should a family wish an open casket for either public or family viewing. If the funeral service were to be extended past 48 hours after a death occurs we would recommend consideration of this procedure. Written permission is required before embalming of the beneficiary.


This charge is for receiving and recording of all necessary information to complete the documents legally required on connection with the deposition and/or transportation of the remains. This charge does not include other professional fees, which may be charges by a Coroner, Department of Health, Government Consultants or Registration and Regulatory Fees. This also includes the provision of the Funeral Director's Proof of Death Certificates for estate purposes.

Shipping Administration

This charge is for the additional clerical and accounting services for obtaining and completing necessary legal documentation as outlined by the various consultants, government agencies, and air transportation companies.

Basic Use Of Equipment & Facilities

There is a minimum charge for the use of our facilities including the parking area, areas open to the public within our funeral home, arrangement offices, casket display room, as well as the facilities and equipment required to operate as a licensed funeral home in the Province of Ontario on a daily basis.


These charges are for the use of the funeral home facilities and equipment, such as the room for visitation, religious accessories if required, register book, coffee lounge, utilities, maintenance of the building, furnishings, and general operating expenses.

Day of Funeral

Includes the use of the chapel for service and ceremony, use of sound equipment and organ, and acknowledgment cards. This charge also applies when the visitation or ceremony is held away from the funeral home, as there is a greater staff and time commitment necessary. The credit for not using our chapel is used to offset additional personal, transportation and equipment cost arising from the function being away from our facility.

Preparation or Alternate Care Facilities

Includes the use of the room specifically designed and monitored by The Department of Health for the purpose of sheltering the remains as well as the use of all necessary specialized equipment for the professional or sanitary care of the remains.

Transportation Needs

The prices shown on our current contract are for their use for a single occasion. All transportation charges are for a local radius of 35km., and take into consideration fuel, insurance, and maintenance of list vehicles.

Transfer Vehicle

This vehicle is used to transfer the beneficiary from the place of death to the funeral home.

Administration Vehicle

An administration vehicle is used for a variety of purposes, such as, the transportation of clergy to the funeral home or place of service, leading the funeral procession to the final place of disposition, and may be used to transfer a limited number of floral tributes to the cemetery. This vehicle is also used among other things to ensure that all legally required documentation has been procured for the day of the funeral service.

Family vehicle

A vehicle which on the day of the funeral, will call for the family members (if desired) at a predetermined time and address. This vehicle will transport them to the funeral home or church as required, on to the cemetery and back to the home or other location for reception.

Additional Family Vehicle(s)

May be provided with the costs involved at livery rates, usually a per hour basis.

Funeral Coach / Hearse

A specialized vehicle used to transport the deceased to the cemetery. It may also be used for the transportation of the deceased to a church for the funeral service or possibly to the airport if the deceased is being sent out of province or country.


Barclay Funeral Home offers a wide variety of caskets, vaults and urns. Our merchandise selections cover an array of different price points and features. We offer products from the following manufactures: Batesville, Victoriaville, Aurora, Northern, Concept, Andre, Bernier, V & E, Eckels, Laraby's, Houle's, Urniezuis, Dodge, CEG and MMS.

For a list of specific features and prices for caskets, vaults and urns please contact or visit The Barclay Funeral Home.